Zendesk Workflow

Qwary's Zendesk Integration revolutionizes customer insights and experiences by surveying ticket users and combining feedback with Zendesk data for actionable insights across touchpoints.

Qwary's self-service platform and integration empower organizations to launch and operate easily, regardless of their size, swiftly. Instantly gather feedback from various channels, including digital interfaces, to foster loyalty, enhance customer retention, and elevate the overall experience. Our comprehensive feedback collection and Zendesk workflows create a closed-loop system, enabling organizations to improve continuously. By integrating customer feedback with Zendesk data, valuable insights on customers, products, and agents are revealed, enabling organizations to deliver exceptional experiences across all touchpoints.

To get started,

  1. Create a survey in Qwary which will be used to survey users

  2. Create an event-based workflow in Qwary and add a Zendesk task to the workflow

  3. Configure the Zendesk task's webhook URL into zendesk

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