Prototype Tests

Prototype Tests refer to a feature offered by Qwary that allows businesses to gather valuable user insights on designs and prototypes before they are officially launched. These tests are compatible with various design tools, including Google Drive and Webflow, enabling teams to assess user reactions and expectations.

The primary purpose of Prototype Tests is to allow teams to experience upcoming features from users' perspectives. By obtaining feedback before the official launch, teams can ensure that their designs meet user expectations and effectively fulfill their intended purpose.

Another advantage of Prototype Tests is the ability to share design concepts with both new and existing users, seeking their validation before embarking on the development process. By involving users in the early stages, teams can gain valuable input, identify potential improvements, and make informed decisions to refine their designs.

Moreover, Prototype Tests allow users to record their screens and provide video responses, providing teams with first-hand insights into what is working well and what needs improvement. These recorded interactions and feedback serve as valuable resources for identifying areas of success and areas that require further attention.

In summary, Prototype Tests provided by Qwary empower teams to gather user insights on designs and prototypes before launch. By engaging users early in the process, teams can optimize their designs, validate their plans, and make informed decisions to ensure a successful product launch.

How to create a Prototype test

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