Enterprise Surveys

Qwary's enterprise surveys are crucial in enhancing customer experience management for businesses. Qwary's enterprise helps you capture NPS(Net Promoter Score), CSAT(Customer Satisfaction Score), CES(Customer Effort Score), and PSAT (Product Satisfaction).They provide the following benefits:

  1. Gather valuable customer feedback: Organizations can directly collect valuable feedback from customers using Qwary's robust survey platform. In addition, the surveys can be customized with various question types, allowing businesses to capture in-depth insights into customer preferences, satisfaction levels, and pain points.

  2. Real-time feedback collection: Qwary's surveys enable businesses to collect real-time feedback by distributing surveys through multiple channels such as email, web, mobile, and social media. This immediate feedback loop empowers companies to promptly identify and address customer issues, improving satisfaction and loyalty.

  3. Real-time analytics and reporting: Qwary's platform offers real-time analytics and reporting features. Businesses can track survey responses in real-time, enabling them to make data-driven decisions to enhance the customer experience. In addition, the platform provides visualizations, charts, and customizable dashboards for comprehensive analysis of survey data, allowing companies to identify trends, correlations, and patterns in customer feedback.

  4. Case management capabilities: Qwary's enterprise surveys offer effective case management functionalities. Companies can capture and categorize customer issues or inquiries reported through surveys, centralizing and organizing customer cases in a unified system. In addition, the platform provides tools to assign cases to specific teams or agents, set priorities, and track case statuses, ensuring accountability and transparency in the support process.

How to create an enterprise survey

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