Product Onboarding Surveys

Onboarding is a great place to collect insights on customer expectations and use the information to personalize onboarding & messaging.

New Epsilon research indicates that 80% of consumers are most likely to purchase if brands offer a personalized experience. Learning about customers' value expectations during onboarding is vital for brands. Brands can leverage that information to personalize product tours, email campaigns & messaging to the customers.

In this tutorial, we will use Usetiful to demonstrate the use case. Similar use cases can be implemented in Userpilot, Stonly, or similar product onboarding platforms.

Create Product Onboarding Survey in Qwary.

You can find steps to create a survey in this article.

Go to distribute & copy the survey link.

Create IFrame Script.

<p><iframe style="width: 100%; height: 100%; min-width: 400px; min-height: 600px;" src="<survey_link>"></iframe></p>

Replaces <survey_link> with copied survey link.

Note: Depending on your onboarding tool, you might need to adjust the size. We had to adjust width & height to fit the survey into the Usetiful modal.

Login to usetiful & create an onboarding tour.

Add steps & modal.

Select the source code option.

Paste updated IFrame script into source code.

Complete your onboarding steps & publish the tour.

Synch survey data with CRM Tools.

The targeted audience will now start participating in the Onboarding process. You can create an integration to synch survey data with CRM Tools like Intercom and Mailchimp. Please find the help center article to create integration flows.

You have all information to start personalizing your following conversation with your customers.

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