A step-by-step guide for connecting Qwary with Zendesk so that it's easier to create a ticket anytime your survey receives a response and never misses the follow-up.

1. Go To Zendesk

2. Click here

3. Select Admin Center

4. Click on Apps and Integrations

5. Click on Zendesk API

6. Click on Add API Token

We will create new API Token.

7. Type here

8. Copy API Token

9. Save new Zendesk API Configuration!

10. Copy your Zendesk URL as well

11. Go To Qwary Survey and Click on Integrate

12. Click here

13. Click on Connect

14. Enter All the Information

We will need Zendesk URL, Login E, & Token that we just copied in the previous steps.

15. Click on Connect

16. Set Customer Support Ticket Priority

17. Set Ticket Status

18. Copy survey Information to the Zendesk Ticket

19. Click here

20. Click here

21. Type Ticket Subject

22. You can pipe details to the Subject as well!

23. Click here

24. Type Ticket Description

25. Click here

26. Click here

27. Assign ticket to the Customer Support Person

28. Click here

29. Select Group from Dropdown

30. Add more Ticket Fields if needed

31. Click Save

Congratulations 🎉 🎊 🎈 We have completed the Setup. All new Survey responses will result in Zendesk Ticket from now on. Enjoy 😉

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