Standard Reporting

Standard reporting is a tool that helps you understand the demographics of your audience. It provides insights on who your audience is and what they like to do.

1. Go to Qwary - Dashboard

2. Click on Insights

Response Rate Insight - Higher Drop Rate is a sign of a lousy survey design or asking for feedback at an irrelevant time of the journey. ~30-40% completion rate is the industry standard. If the survey is too long, it's an opportunity to shorten it.

You might want to explore higher-performing channels like SMS to improve the numbers.

We see ~>70% completion rate, usually from SMS channels. Lower participation can result in less effective business actions, so improving these should be the top priority of the brand.

3. Audience Device Insights

Suitable pieces of information as to which channels are doing better for business.

4. Channel & Response Timeline Insights

5. Click on Geo Map…

6. Click on Avg. Sentiment by country

Check out Positive, Neutral, and Negative Sentiments by Country if you have a global audience. In the same way, you can check out the top response count and Avg. NPS by country.

7. Select a Country & Check out Responses by State

8. Click on Questions for Standard Reporting

9. Questions Insights

10. Change Visualizations

11. Open Text Feedback Insights

12. Change Visualization

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