Create event-based Salesforce workflow

Create an event-based workflow in Qwary to map your response data into Zendesk.

Create event-based workflow

  1. Create an event-based workflow from Workflow --> Create new workflow --> Enter name --> and click Create.

  2. Click on Add a Trigger and select the survey you created for "Create an email campaign for Salesforce Case/Opportunity"

  3. Add 'Salesforce - Update a case/opportunity with rating and survey response in SalesForce' task/

  4. Connect your Salesforce account.

  5. Select score and comment questions for the task. Depending on the matrix you are collecting, the score questions can be NPS, Satisfaction Score, or Effort Score questions from your survey. A comment question is an open-ended comment question from your survey.

  1. Click on save.

  2. Active the workflow.

Once the workflow is active, when a new response is received for a case or opportunity campaigns, response data will mapped to Salesforce.

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