SMS Survey By Link

Share Survey Web Link over SMS

3. Select the Phone Number

4. Click on NEXT

5. Add Participants

6. Add Area Code to the number like "+1" or Import from Contacts

7. Click on Edit This Message

8. Type in the highlight

9. Personalize and Modify Message Text

10. Type in the highlight

11. Click on Save This Message

12. Click on NEXT

13. Click on Start at a specific time

14. Select the Start Date of the SMS Campaign

15. Set Frequency for Recurring SMS Surveys

16. Send Invite Again

17. Send if Participant completed the Response.

18. Click on SCHEDULE

19. Click on Participants

20. Check out the SMS Survey Audience Status

21. Pause & Active Campaign Invitation

22. Modify the Existing Text Message Campaign

23. Invite More Audience

24. Schedule a Reminder

25. Configure thank you message

26. Modify the Message

27. Click on Cancel

28. Delete Invitation if needed

29. Click on Participants to check the Campaign Status

30. Check Status

Demo of the SMS Survey

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