Text AI

With the help of AI, brands can save time and effort by automatically analyzing feedback from customers and employees.

Text AI can help in analyzing customer feedback by extracting keywords and phrases which are important to the customer. It can also help in understanding the sentiment of the comments. For example, if a customer says, “I love this product,” then this is an indication that they are happy with their purchase. But if they say, “I don’t like this product,” then it means that they are not satisfied with their purchase.

Similarly, for employee feedback analysis, text AI can extract keywords and phrases which are important to the employee. It will also understand the sentiment of comments made by employees such as “I love my job here” or “I want to quit my job here.”


The topic will automatically tag your responses. It will let you create themes in feedback and generate valuable insights around volume and sentimental AI Trends on individual vs. overall topics.

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