Google Tag Manager

Discover the benefits of a low-to-no-code solution with GTM and Qwary. Deploy Qwary in-product surveys without making any changes to your codebase. Even advanced features of Qwary can be utilized wi

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free tool that empowers you to manage and deploy tags (code snippets or tracking pixels) on your website, browser-based app, or mobile app without modifying the underlying code. It requires minimal coding knowledge and can be implemented within minutes.

If your organization is already utilizing Google Tag Manager or considering installing it, you can leverage this tool to install Qwary on your website or browser-based app. In addition, you can use GTM to send events and attributes to Qwary.

This approach provides an efficient low-to-no-code option as it doesn't require any modifications to your codebase when deploying Qwary projects and banners. Even many of Qwary's advanced features can be utilized without altering your codebase if you're familiar with the Google Tag Manager functions already implemented in your organization.

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