React Native SDK

React Native Library for survey which enables you to integrate feedback into Android app using few lines of code.​

Find Github Project Here: QwarySurveyReactNative

Getting started

$ npm install react-native-qwary-latest --save

Mostly automatic installation

$ react-native link react-native-qwary-latest

Manual installation

Android Usage

  <View style={styles.container}>
        onPress={() =>
              domain: '',
              token: '3Y6A066rNaDrV17TDvQBN6VHVe0P5jrXTClr9qVwer0=',
              loader: true,  /* For loading bar visibility */
              modal: false,  /* For full and half view */
              showNow: true, /* Invoke survey now or else schedule */
              startAfter: '60000',  /* Time interval for schedule (60000 for to schedule after 1 minute) */
              params: [  /* Add desired params */
                { email: ''},
                { planId: 'trial1'},
            () => console.log('CallBack'),
        <Text>useColorScheme(): {colorScheme}</Text>

IOS Usage

​​[Note: Use Xcode to avoid error]

Download swift source code from here

  • Add the qwarysurvey/QWarySurvey/SDK in your project ProjectRoot/ios folder

  • Create the bridging header and add '#import "React/RCTBridgeModule.h'.

  • Open the IOS folder in XCode go to your project Build settings and find "Defines Modules" and change it to yes.​​

  • Go Inside SDK/RCTBridgingObjC/RCTQwarySurveyModule.m and change #import 'qwary-Swift.h' to your projects name (e.x AppName.xcworkspace #import 'AppName-Swift.h) and its case-sensetive.​


import {NativeModule} from 'react-native',
const Survey=NativeModule.Survey;
const runSurvey=Survey.runSurvey
//You can use this runSurvey()
// TODO: What to do with the module?

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