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Survey Theme

This guide will teach how to customize the survey theme with Qwary and deliver a better survey experience.
Survey design is an essential aspect of achieving a higher response rate. Surveys should reflect your brand, and the audience should feel connected when participating in one of your surveys.

2. Click on highlight

Step 2 screenshot

3. Select pre-made themes

Step 3 screenshot

4. Click on CUSTOMIZE

Apply your brand customization on your survey.

5. Enable Survey Header

Set your brand logo on your survey!
Step 6 screenshot

7. Upload your brand Log

Step 7 screenshot

8. Change Logo Alignment & Survey Font

Step 8 screenshot

9. Change the Color of the Question, Answer, Button and Survey Background

Step 9 screenshot

10. Click on highlight

Step 10 screenshot

11. Apply Color Gradient

Step 11 screenshot

12. Click on highlight

Step 12 screenshot

13. Add more Gradient for Animation

Step 13 screenshot

14. Click on highlight

Step 14 screenshot

15. Change color of the Gradient

16. Click on highlight

Step 16 screenshot

17. Click on highlight

Step 17 screenshot

18. Click on highlight

Step 18 screenshot

19. Apply Gradient Angle

Step 19 screenshot

20. Drag highlighted element

Step 20 screenshot

21. Animate Gradient

Step 21 screenshot

22. Drag highlighted element

Step 22 screenshot

23. Set Image Background

Changes are applied to entire Survey!

24. Apply Background Filter

Step 24 screenshot

25. Change Image Position

Step 25 screenshot

26. Click on Repeat

It will repeat the image

27. Adjust Position

Change your Image Position by moving in any direction of your choice.

28. Click on Load More

Step 28 screenshot

29. Select Video Background

It will lead you to upload or select an already uploaded video. You can use them as survey background.
Once you're done customizing, save the Theme for future use.
Step 29 screenshot

30. Now, we will learn to customize individual Questions.

Step 30 screenshot

31. Change Image Position

Step 31 screenshot

32. Apply Background Filter on the Image

Step 32 screenshot

33. Upload Video for Question background

Step 33 screenshot

34. Select Video

Step 34 screenshot

35. Click on Delete

Step 35 screenshot

36. Change Video Playing Options

Congratulations, you are the champion survey designer 🏆 now. Happy Designing!