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Customer satisfaction measures customer experience with a company, its products, or its services.
A customer satisfaction score (CSAT) is a metric used to measure how satisfied customers are with the quality of service they receive from a company. It is calculated by asking customers to rate their level of satisfaction on a scale from 1-5.
The Customer Effort Score (CES) measures the ease of business with a company.
The CES is calculated by taking into account the number of steps in the customer's journey, the time to complete these steps, and their satisfaction with the process. The higher the CES, the better the experience for customers.

1. Go to Qwary - Ratings analysis

2. Click on Overall, how satisfied are you with your visit today?

Step 2 screenshot

3. Choose Your Driver Question

Overall Rating Index - CSAT/CES Overall Score

4. Click on Rating Breakdown…

Rating Breakdown - Rate Distribution

5. Click on Responses By Score…

Step 5 screenshot

6. Apply Trend Filter by Date

Step 6 screenshot

7. Click on Top Entities In Open-Ended Feedback…

Step 7 screenshot

8. Open Text Feedback Correlation with CSAT/CES Rating

It's a great insight to investigate why your audience has given you a low rating for each comment. You can automate the trend check in Topic.

9. Investigate the Root Cause of the Problem & Apply the relevant tag if needed

Step 9 screenshot

10. Click on customer service

Step 10 screenshot