Product Guide


Net Promoter Score is popular metrics used by Brands to measure customer loyalty.

1. Go to Qwary - NPS analysis

2. Select Driver Question

Choose your driver question for the NPS Analysis

3. Analyze NPS Score & NPS Score Breakdown

NPS Score - Use this number and validate against your industry NPS benchmark. You can find the details of the industry benchmark on this page. An excellent OR Bad Score depends on the industry, market, and competition. You can use the details to make changes to improve the number.

4. Click on View Percentages

Change Visualization

5. Click on Responses By Score…

Step 5 screenshot

6. Identify changes in NPS

This visualization can help you understand whether your efforts to improve NPS are working.

7. NPS Breakdown Trend By Monthly, Daily, or Yearly

Step 7 screenshot

8. Deep dive into why behind NPS Rating

Visualization to see why customers have given you their Rating. Find Trends and opportunities for improvement.

9. NPS Score for each customer's comment

Step 9 screenshot

10. Analyze NPS Relation with Customer Mentions

Step 10 screenshot