You can add/edit design of your survey by clicking "Design" menu item. You can pick any of our PRE-made design themes or can create your own. Just pick and customize any PRE-made theme. You can also save modification if you would like to reuse same look and feel to other surveys.


You can change for color by clicking and selecting color from color picker. You can also modify font type by clicking existing font name.


Qwary supports multiple type of backgrounds that you can apply to your survey

Solid Background

You can pick any solid color from color picker for solid background.


A gradient is the gradual blending from one color to another. It enable you to almost create a new color. It makes your survey stand out by adding a new dimension to the design and adding realism to the object.

You can pick as many colors you like for your gradient background but we strongly recommend that you keep gradient to 2 to 3 colors.

Gradient Angle
Gradient background pattern flow depends on gradient angle. Specifying a rotation angle creates a smoother gradient.

Applying animation to your gradient background will smoothly animate background gradient for the angle that you have provided in gradient angle.

Image/Video Background

You can use image or videos as background to your survey. You can either upload your own image or search and add beautiful images on PixaBay and UnSplash directly from Qwary.

Options Specs

  • Hide/Show question numbers

  • Hide/Show progress bar

  • Hide/Show required astricks for required question

  • Submit button text

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