It's easy to create, launch and analyze alexa surveys with qwary. It's available only in US.

Perquisite to build alexa enabled survey with qwary:

  1. Alexa device

  2. Enroll into AWS account

Alexa Integration Details :

Skill Name:

This is the name customers will see when you publish the skill.

Invocation Name:

Users say a skill's invocation name to begin an interaction with a particular custom skill. Please visit aws guideline page for selecting effective invocation name which will work with your use case.

Example Key Phrases:

These Example phrases are displayed to customers when they discover your skill. Your key phrase must start with "Alexa, " to avoid disruption in certifying your skill via aws.
Sample key phrase: "Alexa, open <COMPANY NAME> survey"
"Alexa" is the wake word, "Open" is the launch word, "<COMPANY NAME> survey" is the invocation name.

For more tips, visit this amazon blog:


Simple search words that relate to or describe this skill. This helps customers find the skill quickly and easily. Use spaces or commas between each search term.
If you are building skill for meeting, add keywords like "Meeting", "Booking" etc.

AWS Account ARN:

Amazon Resource Name(ARN) for your AWS Account ARN to launch blendots survey and connect with your alexa for business to enable distribution of the private survey skill.
Steps to find AWS account ARN:

  1. Login to Alexa for business account :

  2. Go To Skills > Private Skills > Show IAM ARN and copy this ARN.


Summary description of the skill, which is shown when viewing the list of skills in the Alexa Skills Store.


A full description explaining what the skill can do and any prerequisites to using it (such as additional hardware, software, or accounts).

Useful AWS Guideline links:

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