Responses settings are used to modify default settings for your participants. To open responses settings, go to Survey --> Builder --> Settings.

Below is the list of options.

  1. Close survey: Switch on the close survey button to close the active survey. Turning the close survey button will close out the survey for all your participants immediately.

  2. Schedule a cutoff date: Add the date on which you want to close the survey automatically.

  3. Set responses count: Switching the option will allow you to set fix number of responses that you want to collect for the survey. The survey will close automatically when entered responses are collected.

  4. Allow duplicate responses: Turn the switch on to allow your participants to submit multiple responses from the same browser window. Turning it off(by default) will disable duplicate submissions, and If participants have already submitted the survey, your participants will be shown your survey's end page.

  5. Collect GeoIP data: Turn the switch on to collect GeoIP data for your participants. Below is the list of data collected.

    a. Latitude

    b. Longitude

    c. Accuracy radius

    d. Ip address

    e. City

    f. State

    g. Country

    h. Zipcode

    i. Continent code

    Note: Personal identification information will not be collected if the participants submit responses from Europe, even if you have GeoIP turned on.

  6. Redirect on completion: Enter redirect URL where you want to redirect your participant after the response is submitted.

  7. Redirect when closed: Enter the redirect URL where you want to redirect your participant when your survey is closed.

  8. Disable partial submission: Turn the switch disable partial submission data save. Qwary, by default, saves all the data even when the responses are not completed. Turning the switch on will only show you survey responses that are completed.

  9. Enable native recorder: When you have used video input type in your survey and have the video option turned on for video input type, your participants can add their response via video. Turn this option on to provide the most optimal experience on mobile devices. When users click on the video record button from their mobile, the survey will use the mobile's native record function, open up a recording camera, and not use the browser to record a video. It provides your users a more seamless experience to record their responses.

  10. Disable alphabetic shortcuts: By default, multiple-choice questions are displayed with alphabetic shortcuts. Turning this switch on will show checkboxes instead.

a. Survey with alphabetic shortcuts.

b. Survey with disabled alphabetic shortcuts.

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