Zapier allows Qwary survey integration with 2000+ cloud apps like salesforce, mailchimp, activecampaign, Hubspot, Gmail and Many More.

There are two way you can connect Qwary survey with zapier.

  1. Zapier

  2. Qwary Integrate Tab

1. Zapier

Click here to start creating integration on Zapier Platform. Qwary has 40+ zap template for you to autoconfigure the flow. You can enter your app name in "Search for apps to connect" and click Connect to 2000+ Apps.

2. Qwary Integration Tab

We have 40+ zap template for auto connect. Go to Integrate tab for your Qwary Survey. Select zap that you want to configure and Click Connect.

Zapier workflow will be auto-triggered within 15 minutes of your new survey entry.

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