Research shows that SMS Open Rates are as high as 98%, compared to just 20% of all emails. Text Messages are great way to reach your participants. Link Text Message collectors helps you send customized text message invitations to your participants, sent customized reminder text messages and thank you text messages after participants finishes survey. Personalized survey link will be messaged to participants which can be tracked.

Please note that you will have to purchase text messages by contacting us to send text message invite.

Link Text invitations are supported only for web experience. Please note that we recommend that you upload your participants contacts from "Account -- > Manage Contacts" menu item before creating invitation.

Create invitation:

To crate new invite, go to Collect Responses --> Link By Text Message Collector --> Create New Invitation (Plus Sign).

Select Account

You will see your email address as account name in list. Pick that and click next. you will see more then one account for your selection if you have requested us to create new account while purchasing text messages. Multiple accounts helps you track your text usage by account.

Select Phone Number

Here you will see a phone number that is assigned to you for your selection. Selected phone number will be used to send text messages to participants. Please note that only one phone number can be active for one survey. Please reach out to us if you would like any changes in phone number or would like to purchase additional phone numbers.

Compose Text Message

You can either keep default template text for your invitation or edit message and can create your own text invite. We highly recommend that you keep this text message as brief as possible. When done composing, click on Next Button.

Select Contacts

Select your participants contact details in this step. you can select entire contact list or just select individual contacts from contact list. When done selecting contacts, click on Next Button.

Schedule Invite

This is the final step in scheduling invitation. Here you can either pick when do you want these invitations to go out. You can either select "Sent now" or can select date and time for "Send on specific time". Once done, click on "Schedule" button and that it, invitation to participants will be sent out . Please note that if you select selected date and time will be in correspond to your account settings date and time. E.g. if your account's time zone is EST then date and time for invite will be for EST.

Send Test Text Message

Before you schedule final invite, you can send test text message to make sure that everything in text message is accurate. Text Message will be sent on your registered Phone number (one you have listed for your account).

Schedule Reminder

After you have scheduled invite, you can schedule reminder for the invite by clicking on "Configure Reminder" button (Bell Icon) from invitation actions.

Compose Text Message

You can either keep default template text for your reminder invitation or edit message and can create your reminder invitation text message. When done composing, click on Next Button.

Schedule Reminder

You can pick date and time when you want to send reminder to your participant. We recommend that you pick date and time after original schedule date and time otherwise your reminder won't be send. Reminder can only be send after original text message is sent.

Thank you Message

Sending a thank you text message to your participants after they are done providing you their feedback is a great way to show appreciation. You can configure thank you email by clicking "Configure Thank you" Button from invitation actions.

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