Keyword collector allows participants to fill up survey by texting a keyword to assigned phone number.

Please note that only one keyword can be configured per survey.

Assign keyword :

To crate new invite, go to Collect Responses --> Keyword Collector --> Configure Keyword (Plus Sign).

Select Account

You will see your email address as account name in list. Pick that and click next. you will see more then one account for your selection if you have requested us to create new account. Multiple accounts helps you track your text usage by account.

Select Phone Number

Here you will see a phone number that is assigned to you for your selection. Selected phone number will be used to send text messages to participants. Please note that only one phone number can be active for one survey. Please reach out to us if you would like any changes in phone number or would like to purchase additional phone

Assign Keyword

Enter any keyword that you would like to configure. All keywords starts with # sign and that will be automatically added to text that you enter. Space and special characters are not allowed in keyword text. We highly recommend that you keep keyword text length below 10 characters

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