Standard report presents your result data visually so that they are easy to understand.
To view and modify to Analytics --> Standard Report.

Standard report dashboard shows visual presentation by question. You can filter data by date or by response status. Dashboards are designed for quick views. If you want to do detail analysis of data then we recommend create a standard report.

Standard report can have complex filters. You can also modify look and feel of report.

Supported chart for standard report are

  1. Bar Chart

  2. Pie Chart

  3. Column Chart

  4. Line Chart

  5. Tree Chart

  6. NPS Breakdown (For NPS Question)

  7. Sentimental Breakdown (For Comment Question)

  8. Word Cloud

You can share standard report with any one that you like by sending them "Shareable Link".

Download link on top of report will download all the result data in CSV format.

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