Contacts lets you upload or manually add your contacts to your account which later can be used to send email invites, text messages or link text messages.

You can access contacts screen by clicking on your user name --> Contact Lists.

You can click on add contacts and select either "Add Single Contact Manually" or Import Contacts (for bulk upload).

You can also group contacts in contact lists. One contact can be added to one or more contact lists.

Each contact has below fields

  1. First name

  2. Last name

  3. Email address (Required)

  4. Phone number (Required)

  5. Department

  6. Street Address

  7. City

  8. State

  9. Country

  10. Postal Code

Qwary validates all contacts for any invalid email address after you have added contacts asynchronously. Your contact will be eligible to send invites to after email addresses are validated. Our validation will filter out and display invalid, duplicate email addresses separately.

Participants who has opted-out to receive any emails or text messages from you will also be displayed in separate section in contacts and these participants won't receive any email or text message from you until they opt in.

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