Key driver analysis helps you understand positive and negative factors that are driving your overall rating up or down.

Lets say you run a salad shop and all of sudden you see decline in your customer rating. You would like to understand why that is happening, You sent out a survey to fill up to your recent customer.

Lets say it is NPS Survey. It has three questions

  1. How do you rate your recent visit? (NPS question)

  2. Please rate each of below categories (Rating matrix question). Categories are Overall Wait Time, Salad Quality, Staff Friendliness

  3. Comments: (Comment box question)

When responses starts pouring in, Key driver analysis will establish a correlation between your NPS question and Rating matrix question. It will present out in one easy to understand chart.

Salad quality has higher correlation and below average rating. Key drive will exactly point out what you need to focus on the most to improve your overall score.

  • Exactly 1. A perfect downhill (negative) linear relationship

  • 0.70. A strong downhill (negative) linear relationship

  • 0.50. A moderate downhill (negative) relationship

  • 0.30. A weak downhill (negative) linear relationship

  • 0. No linear relationship

  • +0.30. A weak uphill (positive) linear relationship

  • +0.50. A moderate uphill (positive) relationship

  • +0.70. A strong uphill (positive) linear relationship

  • Exactly +1. A perfect uphill (positive) linear relationship

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